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Welcome to our General Blog Category page. Just to clarify up front, this Blog is not about people in uniform who hold the rank of 'General', although we do know a bunch of those, in several countries, and could maybe write some really good human interest stories, but we are not going to, ever. (So you guys can rest easy, its all good.) Beside, that is not the topic of this website! This section of the Blog, is named General, as it was created to hold Blog posts which did not (at the time) fit into the other sections of the Blog. For example, Blog Posts about Personal Finance and Mortgages. In addition, you might also be interested in a vist to the reading interesting articles on various topics website.

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The Role of Blogs in Todays's Internet

Having a Blog can be kind of fun! It gives one a platform to write about any topic. Of course, with that freedom comes a responsibility to write in a responsible way. This is not just out of concern for 'legal' matters, but also out of a need to adhere to moral principles. Writing can be fun, but it should also be within due bounds, and ideally anything written should also be helpful to the reader, if only to help educate the reader on one or more topics.

Many Blogs have faded away in the last decade or so, due to the rise of social media such as Facebook, which is in essence free web hosting, in exchange of the company selling advertising on your content. For many, that allowed them to shift their Blog to a Facebook page, saving them the annual cost of a domain name, and the monthly cost of web hosting, as well as the cost for an SSL certificate. Plus there were the added ability to add 'likes' and such! It was also a fade to have a Facebook page. Since that time, many people have migrated their content to other social media sites, others might view Facebook as something that 'their parents' or even their Grandparents, used!

There are a huge number of Blogs out there on the internet. Some are huge. Some are only a single page. Most are in between. They cover a vast range of topics, from Science Fiction Novels, to Weight Loss, to a limitless number of topics, limited only my human imagination. As far as we know, no AI has yet begun its own Blog! There are even Blogs about The Divine.

It can at times be a real challenge to know what to write about. In terms of SEO though, it is often advised that a Blog stick to a single topic, or at least if it wants to branch out, then to related subtopics. Writing about a number of unrelated topics is not consider to be good SEO advice. All that said, from a human perspective, it is much more fun to simply go ahead and write, enjoy the act of writing, and enjoy sharing thoughts, and ideas with others, in a helpful and responsible way. That is perhaps the true essence of a blog, regardless of what SEO Agencies may say on the topic! So have fun! Write! Share!

Trying to be helpful to others, is a noble goal. Many start a Blog with that as a stated aim. Others may start a Blog with a view to monetizing it, which simply put is that they are 'in it for the money', or at least hope to offset their expenses of running the Blog — and there are actual expenses to running a Blog. Regardless of one's motivation for starting a Blog, (and hopefully continuing to maintain it by adding new fresh, human written, one hundred percent unique original content), Blogs are usually good things! Blogs help balance out the marketing content on the internet and help to make the internet more informational, more educational, and more helpful. The differing and unique points of view that tend to be expressed in Blogs, make a valuable contribution to free speech, and thus to our expression of the human condition in general. (However in some parts of the world, one must be more mindfull of what one writes, or how one phrases things, in order to stay out of hot water with the powers that be.)